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KERN LAB - Digitalization and Process Simulation

The construction industry is constantly evolving and demanding to comply with all the latest technology and innovations available in the market.

Digital transformation is an inevitable process.

Established in 2019, the KERN LAB is a technological department dedicated to the Research & Development of Digital Innovation for the Tunnelling and Construction market.

Composed of highly qualified specialists, KERN LAB is provided with all the latest innovative software and able to offer a full range of services for the Digitalization of the Secondary Lining, including:

• Process Simulation
• Virtual Reality
• Off-site Training support
• Machine Automation Tools
• Data Collection

The Digitalization is composed by several items able to fullfill the customer‘s needs.

Detailed Process Simulation: Advanced process simulation which shows all the working and operaion details during striking / setting / pouring, including the static calculation aspects.

Functions Simulation: Advanced video which represents all the PLC and Remote Control functions during the process.  The staff can be trained off-site.

4D / 5D Visualization: The 4D and 5D Visualization provides a list of the personnel operating the system and the related costs according to the work cycle.

Personnel Visualization: The Staff operating the machine is visualized in the system and the visualization shows where the operatives must work during the process. It provides a H&S advise.

Extra Operations: It includes all the extra operations carried out by the jobsite during the work cycle such as, concrete pump, concrete logistic, cleaning, etc.

3D Modelling: Preparation and provision of 3D models for the BIM customer integration. The files can be provided in different formats according to the customer need.

Interactive WMS: Interactive Work Method Statement which shows the process to install the machine in jobsite step by step.

Interactive Handbook: Interactive Operation Handbook which shows all the information required to operate the machine. It is prepared to be used on laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Working in the tunnelling environment – especially in confined space – hold numerous risks and can be dangerous. Secondary lining works comprise traditionally a huge amount of manual handling and require therefore a high number of operatives . KERN Tunneltechnik recognized this problem and introduced within the last years several innovations to reduce the potential risks and to make the work safer.

The PLC System provides an automatic and a manual mode which gives the operator a high flexibility. All movements and operations of the entire system can be controlled individually if required. The operations as well as the failure alarms are displayed on a touch screen.

The system can be fully customized according to the customers’s needs. All the available TOOLS are indicated in the next pages. A project assessment shows the potential benefits and cost savings given by the integration of each TOOL.


At the completion of each work cycle, the system provides a full report with all the relevant information.

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