11.03.2024 /

Special Service Dismantling Gantry - FAT

Successful completion of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the HS2 Service Dismantling Gantry at our KTS facility.
This special gantry is designed for multipurpose activities, including the dismantling and collection of ventilation ducts, and the removal of pipes through an innovative magnetic lifting system.

Engineered for multiple situations, the gantry features rubber wheels drive units and uniquely designed rotatable legs that allow for reconfiguration to navigate obstacles within tunnels, setting a new standard in operational flexibility and efficiency.

This significant milestone was achieved in collaboration with our client, Align JV, marking a pivotal moment in our journey towards delivering groundbreaking solutions to the infrastructure and tunnelling sectors. Our teams worked to ensure that every component of the gantry met the rigorous standards required for such an ambitious project, demonstrating our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The machine is now ready for delivery to the UK, in the HS2 project.

We extend our thanks to everyone involved in the development and look forward to launch the system on-site.

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