TSK is a modular system introduced in the market by Kern Tunneltechnik in order to provide a bespoke solution to demanding projects, where flexibility, quality and H&S are a priority. In particular the system is oriented to projects where single and special blocks must be realized. TSK has the typical flexibility of a modular system together with an extremely high level of engineering and manufacture that guarantees to have very small deformations which turns out to be successful in reducing costs and get an excellent finishing and tolerances. The KERN formwork technology allows to reach this goal. Unlike wooden or standard steel formworks, the shutter skin is in steel, painted with a special ceramic coat which guarantees an excellent pour finishing and a cleaning time reduction. This level of quality could not be reached using other casting methodologies such as sprayed concrete or standard wood formwork. A significant advantage of using the TSK Modular Formwork is the health, safety, environmental and finishing benefits. The alternative solution being used at other projects is spraying the secondary lining. Customers recognise that the use of cast in situ concrete reduces dust, noise pollution, fallout risk and decreases the volumes of concrete used in the works. For every project, detailed static calculations, risk assessment and operation checklists lead to consider the extreme work case.

Adaptable to any Geometry and Tunnel Situation

High Safety Standards

Up to 100 kN/m 2

Modular and Interlocking System

Small Deformations

Efficiency in costs

Exceptional Possibility of Application

Easy to Assemble

Specific Rental Solutions


This formwork is composed by several TSK standard and special modular elements which permit to adapt and reuse the system in tunnels with different types of geometries, lengths, thicknesses, curves and slopes according customer and project requirements.

The TSK formwork also has the possibility to be longitudinally divided to enable the pour of longer and shorter blocks. Special elements can be assembled to realize curved blocks or conical transitions. The adaptability of this solution allows a reduction of the fixed costs related to the realization of an additional machine but also the variable costs.

The possibility of adjusting the structure for different situations decreases the time required for the design and the amount of new elements to be produced.


Kern Tunneltechnik has developed an extremely advanced system for the construction of concrete walls. The system consists of modular panels that can be assembled together to vary the casting surface according to the requirements. TSK modules support panels and guarantee stability during the concrete pour up to 100kN/m 2. The wall formwork can be used independently or combined with other elements, for example for the creation of square tunnels.


This system is developed considering the difficulties in performing a Secondary Lining with high inclination and at the same time maintaining the extremely high level of safety, quality and performance.

The machine is equipped with a special jacking system which pushes the shutter upwards. Safety devices guarantee a homogenous movement. Additional measures are considered against slipping hazard. The system is designed with integrated inclined platforms and stairs, which allows the personnel to work safely in vertical position. Furthermore, remote control operation for the whole system ensured that risk for workers is reduced during movement operations.

This system is completely self-propelled and independent not needing the use of potentially dangerous forklifts or site means for all the movements which have to work inclined. This innovation has been developed by KERN and has never been adopted by other competitors.


The TKS is also designed to be uses as a supporting system for deck formworks with straight and tapered section. This solution is performing and efficient in projects where size and shape of the deck vary from block to block and therefore is not possible carry out the completion of the construction works with a standard system. The TSK modules are capable to support pressures given by a concrete thickness up to 2m.


Given the huge flexibility of TSK, Kern Tunneltechnik designed a bespoke transport system for multi-lane road tunnels. The system allows to transport and make a single machine without transforming it to the size of the tunnel according to the number of lanes. There are no limits to use for the TSK which can be designed to countless projects and needs.

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