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03.03.2023 / News

Hinkley Point C - Intake 2 Tunnel Shutter being launched

This week another great milestone has been achieved at Hinley Point C. The crown formwork, has been lowered into the pit bottom and after the installation completion, the shutter will be ready to pour the last section of the Intake 2 Tunnel with diameter of 6.0m. The machine has been develped by Kern, payin... read more


03.02.2023 / News

Gubrist Tunnel - Welk Factory

The precast factory designed and produced for Gubrist Tunnel Werkanal segments, has been successefully installed and the first items produced. This is part of the new product line related to temporary factories that KERN is able to supply. ... read more


02.02.2023 / News

Bern RBS LOS 2.4 - Project Update

As part of the major extension and development of the Bern main railway station, we delivered for a client a crown and kicker formwork for construction of the section Los 2.4. For the production of more than 400m of a new inner lining KERN has designed and produced the crown formwork at our premises KTS. T... read more

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